With the local school board and Village of DeForest Village Board elections coming up soon, it has come to my attention that I have ruffled some feathers. I have endorsed certain candidates for non partisan, public office and now I see the opposition is going on the attack and labeling my choices as being Republican and a lot worse. Does this not sound familiar? There is no place in a local election for dirty politics and yes, the truth hurts and a duck is a duck.

During my 8 years of being a village trustee, I represented ALL our residents, honorably and with No Agenda excepting for the betterment of our great village! When a political group gains control and makes non-partisan issues a partisan issue, there will be trouble. A board that is balanced works better than a one sided one. I supported Rebecca Witherspoon, Jeff Horn, and Jim Simpson for Village Board. These three candidates will be non-partisan and fair. They have no hidden agenda like the progressive party does.

In order to have our village remain financially sound with all around great services, low taxes and a great place to live, work, and play there must be balance. Please ignore the attacks and focus on voting in the best talent for our future. The three I support are all educated not only in school, but in life as well. They will serve you honestly and honorably with no hidden agendas. TALK TO OTHERS. You need to VOTE for balance! EVERY VOTE WILL COUNT

Chip Van Meter

DeForest, WI

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