Due to new restrictions on gatherings, Madtown BMX rack track has had to put a halt on its race schedule. But, before the new restrictions were in place, Madtown hosted a couple of nights of local race action.

The local track hosted its first night of racing on June 27.

Jayden Carpenter, Espen Wilke and Alex Ferguson led the way on the opening night with a pair of division wins each. Carpenter topped the field in the 10 Expert and 11 Cruiser Divisions, while Wilke came out on top in 9 Cruiser and 9 Expert. Ferguson garnered wins in the 15 Cruiser and 15 Expert divisions.

The list of winners also included Nels Olberg (10 Intermediate), Xavier Malmin (11-12 Local Open), Bray Kelly (11 Intermediate), Joseph Shenberger (11 Novice), Caid Vita (12 Expert), Nolan Colborn (13 Expert), Matthew Zander (13 Intermediate), Josh Ayala (13 Novice), Talynn Dickey (14 Girls), Derek Klein (15-16 Local Open), Deonte Jackson (16 Intermediate), George Andrews (17-20 Expert), Richard Grunewald (26-30 Cruiser), Trevor Athens (36-40 Intermediate), Ryan Kurz (36-40 Novice), Ella McCarroll (3 Balance Bike), Brad Brandt (46-50 Intermediate), Greyson Mogensen (4 Balance Bike), Calvin Zuehlke (6 Intermediate), Odin Olberg (6 Novice), Maddox Ochoa (7-8 Local Open), Gauge McConnell (8 Intermediate), Bryson Tietjen (8 Novice) and Tyler Zander (9 Intermediate).

Hunter Kimball was second in both the 10 Expert and 11 Cruiser classes.

Also placing second were Mason Bruss (10 Intermediate), Trenton Velez (11-12 Local Open), Johnathan Bivins (11 Intermediate), Dominic Walecki (11 Novice), Xavier Malmin (12 Expert), Derek Klein (13 Expert), Giovanni Romano (13 Intermediate), Aiden Tietjen (13 Novice), Paige Hauser (14 Girls), Nathan Hotz (15-16 Local Open), Otto Getzloff (15 Cruiser), Teagen Treutel (15 Expert), Hunter Remshek (16 Intermediate), Megan Dudgeon (17-20 Expert), Brad Brandt (26-30 Cruiser), Jack Abrams (36-40 Intermediate), Jeff Schulz (36-40 Novice), Kenidea Wallgren (3 Balance Bike), Don Kappell (46-50 Intermediate), Vilas Zuehlke (4 Balance Bike), Kolten Fuehrer (6 Intermediate), Caden Servant (6 Novice), Calvin Zuehlke (7-8 Local Open), Macie Treutel (8 Intermediate), Erika Wilke (8 Novice), Tyler Zander (9-10 Local Open), Kaiden Maciejewski (9 Cruiser), Matthew Gulvik (9 Expert) and Levi Edwards (9 Intermediate).

Finishing third on the first night of racing were Chandler Pabon (10 Expert), Owen Weber (10 Intermediate), Cole Abrams (11-12 Local Open), James Hampton (11 Cruiser), Benjamin Clark (11 Intermediate), Caleb Clark (11 Novice), Blake Baldis (12 Expert), George Andrews (13 Expert), Logun Meyer (13 Intermediate), Joseph Perinovic (13 Novice), Kayden Bivins (14 Girls), Hunter Remshek (15-16 Local Open), Talynn Dickey (15 Cruiser), Otto Getzloff (15 Expert), Nathan Hotz (16 Intermediate), Dustin McCarroll (17-20 Expert), Trevor Dickey (26-30 Cruiser), Matt Clark (36-40 Novice), Peyton Brandt (3 Balance Bike), Troy Riley (46-50 Intermediate), Bryce McCarroll (6 Novice), Devin Freeman (7-8 Local Open), Zeke Pinchart (8 Intermediate), Rylee Fuehrer (8 Novice), Hunter Kimball (9-10 Local Open), Levi Edwards (9 Cruiser), Maddox Ochoa (9 Expert) and Bryce Kurz (9 Intermediate).

July 1

Leading the charge on the second night of racing on July 1 was Jayden Carpenter, Gauge McConnell and Matthew Gulvik. The trio each claimed top honors in at least two classes.

Carpenter had a remarkable night with wins in 10 Expert, 17-20 Cruiser and 9-10 Local Open.

McConnell was first in the 7-8 Local Open and 8 Intermediate, while Gulvik finished on top in the 9 Expert and 9-10 Local Open.

Jonah Lubkeman (12-12 Local Open), Chase Dahl (11 Intermediate), Caleb Clark (11 Novice), Jimmy Bell (12 Expert), Matthew Zander (13-14 Local Open), Giovanni Romano (13 Intermediate), Ryder Redell (13 Novice), Derek Klein (14 Expert), Tyler Wright (17-20 Expert), Matthew Byrge (26-30 Cruiser), David Lubkeman (36-40 Novice) and Tyler Zander (9 Intermediate) also won their respective divisions.

Jacob Lange was the runner-up in the 10 Expert and 17-20 Cruiser, while Chase Dahl (11-12 Local Open), Bray Kelly (11 Intermediate), Myah Malueg (11 Novice), Brady Sympson (12 Expert), Logun Meyer (13-14 Local Open), Matthew Zander (13 Intermediate), Justin Molitor (13 Novice), Aidan Kelly (14 Expert), Daniel Donahue (17-20 Expert), Richard Grunewald (26-30 Cruiser), Nic Girouard (36-40 Novice), Maddox Ochoa (7-8 Local Open), Zeke Pinchart (8 Intermediate), Matthew Gulvik (9-10 Local Open), Reed Byrge (9 Expert) and Cashton Kutz (9 Intermediate) had one runner-up finish each.

Finishing third on July 1 were Chandler Pabon (10 Expert; 9-10 Local Open), Joseph Perinovic (11-12 Local Open), Logan Pink (11 Intermediate), Joleigh Pink (11 Novice), Caid Vita (12 Expert), Justin Molitor (13-14 Local Open), Logun Meyer (13 Intermediate), Joseph Perinovic (13 Novice), Elijah Pabon (14 Expert), Ryan Giroaurd (17-20 Cruiser), Jaden Fry (17-20 Expert), Mattheu Girouard (26-30 Cruiser), Ryan Kurtz (36-40 Novice), Calvin Zuehlke (7-8 Local Open; 8 Intermediate), Maddox Ochoa (9 Expert) and Bryce Kurz (9 Intermediate).

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