It was a short speech and is regarded as one of the best speeches of all time. I don’t think they read it now in college, much less that students are advised to think about the hopes and fears therein.

Ben Franklin said that they gave us a republic if we can keep it. That was a good aphorism.

Freedom of speech is one of the postulates, nay a bedrock of the country. You simply have to be able to say what you think even if somebody finds it objectionable, or the country is basically lost.

There is no philosophical concept that advises that exchanges of ideas must be muted if it irritates somebody, whether it is a pressure group, China, Russia, the WHO, or Louis XIV.

People are always going to be offended if you disagree with them.

There is no rational argument to support the idea that although we have freedom of speech nobody can ever say anything which subjectively offends any other person or group of people or that the founders would ever have endorsed that notion.

Political correctness is a sham by which certain groups intend to obtain preference while denigrating others. Due to basic cowardice of many of our ruling elites and financing by powerful people who do not really have the good of our country in mind, they seem to be getting their way.

Nevertheless, I do not intend to abide by it. Like Walt Whitman, I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world; that is what this country is about, not kneeling to the press nor to mobs.

David Marohl, Sun Prairie

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