Riquelme: My vote is for Abigail Lowery for Wisconsin Assembly District 37

It is not too soon to rejoice about a coming election. We have the opportunity to be heard via our votes. What a privilege! I am encouraged and hopeful since we have a candidate running for Wisconsin Assembly in District 37 who challenges an incumbent who says one thing and does another.

The candidate I endorse is Abigail Lowery!

Choose Abby Lowery if you wish to have a person representing us in the Wisconsin government who promises these priorities:

— Listen to constituents and fight for what they need;

— Fight for fair maps;

— Work towards campaign finance reform;

— Advocate for necessary funding for public education, including special education;

— Support disability rights movement and their initiatives;

— Ensure everyone has healthcare;

— Collaborate and work across the aisle to pass laws that benefit everyone;

— Achieve appropriate balance between urban and rural needs;

— Promote equal rights and social justice for all;

— Listen to and account for the needs of Wisconsinites of all ages, in particular children and older citizens and;

— Recognize the effects of climate change, mitigate its impact, and prevent further environmental deterioration

I have known Abby for years, observed her follow through on projects that make a positive difference in our community and watched her be willing to learn as much as she can about issues. Because of my acquaintance with how she performs, I am convinced she will vote independently to support good policies. I urge you to get to know Abby. I’m sure you will agree with me, she is the type of representative we need in our government!

Marcia V. Riquelme,


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