I can see where the coronavirus is going to make a lot of changes on where folks will plan to vacation this coming summer. Instead of heading out of state for vacation, folks are going to be staying closer to home.

Families will still load into the car, but the vacation destination will be much closer to home. Instead of traveling to Disneyland or the western part of the country, folks may decide to spend their vacation time at Wisconsin Dells and the Devil’s Lake-Baraboo area. Or maybe the family will spend a week at a cabin in northern Wisconsin.

I didn’t travel out of state with my family until I was about 12 years old when we went to visit my aunt and uncle in Waukegan, Illinois, but every year we would plan two or three mini-vacations and travel to the Dells, or Milwaukee or northern Wisconsin. I remember the family had some great summer vacations without traveling endless hours on the highway.

I enjoyed seeing the Indian Ceremony at Stand Rock, taking boat rides on the Lower and Upper Dells, and riding the Ducks through the area. This was in the days before there were water parks in the Dells.

I remember some great picnic lunches at Devil’s Lake State Park and going for an afternoon hike up the rocks to enjoy the great view from atop the bluffs.

We spent a day at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo.

I could easily spend an hour or two going through the souvenir shops in the downtown Dells deciding what I would buy with the five dollar bill that I was given to spend.

I remember enjoying a cool Black Cow root beer float at an A&W Root Beer Stand or having a hot dog at Milwaukee County Stadium, Home of the Milwaukee Braves.

I enjoyed boat rides and fishing on northern Wisconsin lakes and rivers. Our favorite spot was Bear Skull Lake in the Springstead area, 16 miles from Park Falls. The summer home of John W. Emerson was on the shore of this lake, near the abandoned logging town of Emerson.

Yes, there will still be crowds on Main Street in Wisconsin Dells this summer. The crowd might be smaller than it was in recent years and there will not be as many out of state license plates on the cars in the parking lots, but it will still be a popular summer vacation spot.

Here are a few of the one-line jokes that I’ve been getting on the internet lately.

People keep asking “is coronavirus really that serious?” Listen up! Casinos and Churches are closed. When heaven and Hell agree on the same thing, that’s probably pretty serious!

Say grandma and grandpa, our grandkids just knocked our Blizzard of ’78 stories out of the ballpark.

Have to say that the Class of 2020 outdid themselves with Senior Skip Day this year.

Not to brag, but I haven’t been late for anything for the past month.

Wearing a mask inside your house is now highly recommended. Not so much to prevent coronavirus, but to stop eating.

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