Associated Bank WIndsor Branch

At the end of April Associated Bank will be closing its branch office in the Village of Windsor and consolidating with their Sun Prairie location.

Customers were informed with letters at the end of January that the Associated Bank office at 6343 Blanchars Crossing will be closing as of 5 p.m. on April 30, and that as of May 3, all accounts there will be handled by their Sun Prairie office at 658 S. Grand Avenue.

"The consolidation aligns with an industry-wide trend, which includes consumers adaption to mobile and online banking, a smaller branch footprint and lower frequency of walk-in traffic," said Associated Bank Spokesperson Jennifer Kaminski in an email statement. "Associated will work with impacted colleagues to find a new role within the company, where positions are available."

The closure is a small part of an industry-wide trend that has only accelerated as customers over the past year, have been encouraged to find online options where possible.

"At the U.S. level, you are definitely seeing a shift in branch strategy, and of course over the last year that has accelerated digital awareness of customers," said Mike Semmann, Chief Operating Officer of the Wisconsin Bankers Association, "and it has really allowed companies to take a close look at where their customers want them to be and need them to be, and how the customers are using the institutions themselves."

The role of local banks has changed as digital mobile banking has become nearly universal, including online check deposits, as well as person-to-person financial applications like Venmo and Zelles.

"Still, in the grocery business, you’re taking coins and cash, and from a commercial aspect, you want to be in contact with your bank if you’re a commercial customer like that," said Semmann. "And then you take a look at other types of transactions that customers want to engage in can open accounts online and some banks will do that for you, but there is still customer demand for certain things that customers want to walk into the bank and complete for sure."

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