Noelle Stary will speak to Deforest Public Library participants about the new world of doing business during a global pandemic.

If you have a business, Stary, an entrepreneur since she was a young girl, will share real-world ideas from her side of the desk on the East Coast.

She’ll share insight into new ways consumers purchase products and services from local and global businesses.

If you have a business this talk is for you. Conversely, as a general consumer who wants to see local businesses thrive, this talk is for you, too.

As a young adult Stary opened her first business in 2008, in the middle of the Great Recession. She went on to open two more businesses.

Fast forward to a year and a half ago when the pandemic hit when there were plenty of unforeseen challenges and business uncertainties.

Consumer Power

Over the last year, across the country business owners had numerous, unprecedented worries.

Always looking ahead, a few years ago Stary founded the first co-working space in New Jersey including a Woodbridge site before she was 30.

“Co-working is a cost- effective way of work alongside other people,” says Stary. “There’s a certain energy that draws like-minded people together under one roof.  “People like to be where other people are--it creates a synergy. Think of it as a blended emergence of traditional office space.”

Stary also owns 20 Lemons, a marketing firm that focuses primarily on the hospitality sector.

Since the hospitality sector was hard hit during the pandemic’s impact, the trickle down-effected Stary’s business, 20 Lemons. “We work with a lot of restaurants so we had to pivot constantly when marketing to this industry,” she notes.

But Stary, chose to think like an optimist. “We immersed our businesses in innovation and creativity. That led me to think--what if these businesses were to do the opposite of what business owners were worried about? Instead of languishing, what if they wildly succeeded?”

Creativity, Moxie and Confidence

Her memoir, Main Street Moxie, From Surviving to Thriving in the New American Marketplace, an important guide to improving your business. The book is filled with real-world ideas that can change the trajectory of a business.

Today, as the pandemic has changed the business landscape many Main Street businesses are operating out of bedrooms, basements, garages and home offices. Stary will share her hard-won tips for success with Deforest Library participants.

“Thriving as a small business owner requires finding your grit, says Stary, “It’s not always easy,

Having experienced downfalls in business before she says down times help businesses grow and respond more quickly to market changes faster than they might have done otherwise.

She has long thought of herself as a realist rather than a pessimist.

“That mindset helped her thrive and survive in a challenging business climate.

“I looked at my colleagues to see what they were doing and instead of thinking I had all the answers, I listened to what these business owners were saying and how customers were responding. I continue to do this today.”

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