Inner skill

Author Judith Joy offers tips for bringing out your inner employee.

By Judith Joy

Did you know that you have a secret ability awaiting inside of you?

Now, at the beginning of the New Year when many of us are trying to get rid of old habits and find new ways to organize our lives, you may never have heard of these tips for success.

But can get more done with less effort if you put your hidden ability to use.

That’s right. More with less.

Put simply, your hidden ability is your inner employee. This is the part of you that is working behind the scenes and letting you know when it’s time to pick up the baton and do what you need to do. This employee is free, can’t be fired, and is always waiting for directions from you. All you have to do ask. And then get out of the way.

This is how your inner employee works:

• Choose. What would you like your inner employee to work on? Decide on the project or projects because multiple things can be worked on at once.

• Write down your expectations. Outline what you want to accomplish. By writing down the directions (see below) you will clarify in your mind what you want and what you expect.

• I command you to --This is a strong way of saying what you want help with. Keep it a bit broad and don’t worry about how it will get done.

• The purpose is --Clearly decide the purpose of the project you have in mind

• The result will be.... Clearly outline the result that will happen.

• I will feel.... Choose how you will feel when the entire project is completed. Be sure to use body sensations and not just words. For example, “I will feel a huge sigh and my shoulders will come out of my ears” is much more descriptive and your body can identify with it much better than “I’ll be relaxed.”

• Pause. This is where your initial “work” is done. It can look like meditation because you are quiet as you focus. Tap into the still point, that moment when all is quiet, and all the possibilities exist. You don’t have to do anything. Let your inner employee work while you take a hands off approach.

Don’t micromanage. Your job is to focus on what you will feel like when the project is completed and behind you.

• Be ready. Wait for your inner employee to let you know when it’s your turn to work on the project. Have an inner conversation with the employee as you let the employee guide you to action. The hard part is the waiting, especially if you have a deadline that you are trying meet.

• Act. Now it’s time for you to take what the inner employee has prepared and finish the next bit that has to be done. It may be the entire project or just the next step.

• Trust--that what you are being led to do is the best action. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense. It will in the long run.

Sometimes, you’ll find you’ll get immediate results from your inner employee. Other times, it may take a while, but rest assured, the results are coming.

You’ll feel less stressed and more eager to start work when you’ve mastered the ability to connect with your inner skill, your inner employee.

And this is how you do more with less effort.

Judith Joy is a teacher, dream creation coach, Matrix Energetics certified practitioner, author, and speaker. (

In her book, “Dear Future Lover — Bring Your Book Boyfriend to Life,” Judith describes her personal journey and the process she used to find true love by implementing the Law of Attraction. She found her husband by writing to him as if he already existed. She says people who follow the same Law of Attraction ideas she outlines in her book, can change their lives too.

She explains, “It is more than writing. It is more than life coaching. It is more than energy healing,” she says. “It is about visualizing the possibilities, untangling the energy to allow the possibilities to come in, and then being the real you.”

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