Terri Sorg

Terri Sorg, author and former registered nurse

Terri Sorg, Author & Former Registered Nurse Specializing in Mental Health, Presents “Reducing Anxiety in Children” At Deforest Public Library.

January 28, 6:30 p.m.

By Sharyn Alden

Terri Sorg’s books have a wonderful way of connecting the messages on the pages to what’s on the minds and moods of many families across the country.

She came up with the idea of a Heart Fairy from her own experience of searching for love. “Above all, loving yourself is about acceptance, with no judgment of yourself or others,” she says.

“Being a caretaker of others during my nursing career helped me feel valuable, but it also led to feeling burned out. While I was spending energy caring for others I wasn’t spending any time on myself. Even though I was looking for ways to improve myself and acquire skills for my career, I didn’t realize I was missing the art of loving myself. Now I realize that anxiety itself also prevented me from loving myself.”

Sorg will be speaking to Deforest Public Library on Jan. 28, 6:30 p.m. Her virtual presentation is open to the public. Register at: https://www.deforestlibrary.org/heart-fairy-registration-required

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from UW- Madison and is a retired Registered Nurse. Early in her nursing career when she learned of the work being done in hospice, she became a volunteer and trained in energy healing which opened her eyes to other modalities of healing.

She discovered her niche in mental health where, she says, treatment is as much art as it is science. She has worked with troubled teens and the mentally ill. “I helped them deal with the struggles in their lives,” she says.

Sorg notes, “The underlying message in all my books is that you are loved, no matter what. Your inner Heart Fairy loves you no matter who you are, who you live with or why you think you are not loved. In each book the primary message is that accepting ourselves for who we are is a life-long journey. You can let the loving start early with the Heart Fairy books.”

Her books include Heart Fairy, Heart Fairy and Your Family, Heart Family and Your Feelings. Her fourth book –Heart Fairy & Anxiety, will be published early in 2021.

She is a mother and grandmother and loves reading to children. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Writing about Anxiety during Historic Times

When asked why her new book is about anxiety she says, “Many of us face challenging times, especially now when we are living in a pandemic. Having a strong inner spirit and knowing that you are loved are more important than ever before.”

She adds that for many people, including children, happiness may be missing in their lives. “It can be related to feeling anxious which has increased exponentially during this pandemic,” she says.

There are many clues that someone close to you may have anxiety.

According to thepathway2success.com anxiety presents in many different ways. The symptoms include over planning and perfectionism, controlling, feeling agitated or angry, difficulty focusing, body aches and difficulty falling asleep.

Sorg’s new book Heart Fairy and Anxiety helps young readers and their parents understand their feelings and offers tips for dealing with feeling anxious. She knows firsthand, from dealing with anxiety in her own life and within her family how difficult it is to accept yourself as ‘normal’ or feel worthy of love

She decided to find ways to lower anxiety in her own life which she shares in her book as well as during presentations.

“Letting go of anxiety helps you become happier, whether you’re an adult or a child,” Sorg says. “Anxiety keeps us in fear and makes it difficult to relax into happiness within (loving self). I know firsthand that when you let go of anxiety and accept yourself, you become happier.”

The author encourages parents to let children tell stories related to the messages found on each page in her books. “Parents can use this feedback to better understand their child’s thoughts and feelings,” she says.

“With so much tension in the world today, having a strong inner spirit and feeling loved are more important than ever before.”

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