The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the Village of Windsor.

At the April 2 village board meeting, trustees approved another contract related to road improvement work for County Highway DM, Clinton Road and Willow Road, while also receiving updates on various other projects.

With regard to the road work, A-1 Excavating, of Bloomer, was the lone bidder for the reconstruction work on County Highway DM and Clinton Road.

A resolution accepting A-1 Excavating’s bid of $2,819,860.55 was approved by a 5-0 vote. Pre-bid estimates were expected to range between $3,000,000 and $3,500,000.

The plan involves the reconstruction of approximately 2,500 feet of County Highway DM from Morrisonville Road to the Yahara River, another 2,150 feet of Clinton Road from County Highway DM to the southern limits of the village, and approximately 350 feet on Willow Street from Clinton Road to the western part of the roadway at Morrisonville Ball Park.

In its entirely, the project included complete water main replacement and road construction of County Highway DM, and Clinton and Willow roads with ditches and culverts. Ditch cleaning will be taking place north of County Highway DM to the Yahara River.

Village President Bob Wipperfurth reported to trustees that workers had begun moving dirt at the new public works building. One area of unsuitable soils was found that would not support concrete.

Change orders to address the situation are coming.

Wipperfurth also said that as such soil issues arise, waiting two weeks for village board approval on actions for remediation is not possible. Therefore, Village Administrator Tina Butteris, President Wipperfurth and Public Works Director Davis Clark will approve change orders and bring them to the board for confirmation.

In a related matter, Wipperfurth also noted that because of the Stay at Home order, there will be no open house or public meeting before the project starts. A mailer will be sent to all residents in Morrisonville with a phone number for questions. Message boards will be placed two weeks before the project starts. It was anticipated that the project would begin in late spring and be completed by Halloween.

Wipperfurth also informed trustees that renovations on the new police department project were to begin the week of April 6. It was also noted that the recycling center is closed until further notice.

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