Despite COVID-19, two DeForest neighbors recently came together to help a TDS Telecom technician survive an unexpected medical emergency.

According to TDS Telecom, in the thick of this summer’s hot spell, on Thursday, July 2, TDS technician Craig Hay arrived at Kurt Vogelsang’s home in DeForest to install TDS Fiber services.

Approximately two-thirds of the way through the installation, Hay started to feel somewhat ill, so he took a break before continuing — something everyone has done when it’s hot and they need to cool down. However, this time was different.

A short time later, Hay had a major cardiac event and collapsed. Vogelsang immediately did what he could for Hay but recognized the severity of the situation and called 911 and his neighbor, Ross Anderson.

Vogelsang knew that Anderson had been trained in CPR, so hoped he could help and, thanks to a twist of fate, he was available.

Anderson and his family were supposed to be away on vacation that day, but weren’t able to leave due to travel issues. Thankfully for Hay, Anderson came to help immediately — Anderson’s first real-life experience using his training outside of a classroom.

Anderson performed CPR on Hay, which restarted his breathing, and also made sure other vitals were present until the paramedics arrived to take over. The local EMS were on the scene shortly thereafter, and they stabilized Hay before taking him to the hospital.

Since July 2, Hay has been on a journey to recovery, which included healing broken ribs due to Ross performing CPR correctly. On Sept. 14, Craig returned to visit Vogelsang and Anderson, but this time with gift baskets.

They were gestures of thanks to both gentleman whose presence of mind and training were key to his survival.

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