While The Little Potato Company is one of over 20 manufacturers located in the 115 acres of DeForest’s Business Park on Highway 51, the “company” in its name can be taken as more than just industrial—it’s also familial.

The company’s CEO, Angela Santiago, co-founded Little Potato Company with her father, Jacob van der Schaaf, in 1996.

Angela Santiago_The Little Potato Company

Angela Santiago


Millions of the little potatoes arrive to the DeForest plant each week, primarily from Wisconsin, but some also come from growers in Pasco, Washington and parts of western Canada.

Potato inspectors

Not everything can be automated. Despite using an optical sorter to search for defective potatoes, human graders are the last line of defense.


As part of a brand refresh launched on March 15, Little Potato Company introduced new mascots called the Spuddies.

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