In a recent message to the families of senior students, the DeForest Area School District outlined plans for a June 6 graduation ceremony.

It will take place on Saturday, from 1-4 p.m., and will be a drive-thru ceremony, according to the posting.

The message indicated that families of senior students provided feedback to the district on a June 6 graduation ceremony, with 88 percent indicating that it would work for them.

According to the message, “This aligns with 85 percent of the senior survey responses indicating the same preference.”

The district noted its intention to include as many graduates as possible, along with the need to adhere to public health directives

District officials will continue planning more logistics for the drive-thru ceremony in the next few days.

A few questions have been asked that the district addressed. They are listed below:

• Public Health Dane County is the direct authority for health and safety related issues for the district, which is required to adhere to these directives and guidelines or risk potential liability.

• Each student will be allowed one car with family members equal to the number of permanent seat belts in the car. No separate parking area will be available for visitors or spectators. Others will have the opportunity to watch the ceremony via the live stream.

• The district will make modifications to the presentation area at the circle drive in the event of rain.

• The Village of DeForest Police Department will be assisting with traffic control and enforcing social distancing protocols.

• The district said it would like the graduate to be able to get out of the car and receive their diploma, so we encourage a separate driver. If a student is planning to drive without anyone else in their car, please contact Machell Schwarz ( or Matt Bauer (

More details will be forthcoming, which will include specific instructions for the graduate and their car, how to access the ceremony online.

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