The DeForest Village Board approved all ordinances and resolutions that came before it during the Sept. 1 meeting.

First, the board approved the ordinance to “redivide three parcels with the Certified Map Survey, as well as dedicate land within the Fox Hill Estates Plat to facilitate the timely issuance of building permits for Hooper Corporation’s office and fabrication facilities.”

This is being done as a stopgap to allow Hooper to acquire building permits in advance of the Fox Hill Estates replat.

According to Village Planning Consultant Mark Roffers, the CSM is currently in an unfinished state regarding the project and some “blanks” still need to be filled. This is a common occurrence, however.

Village Attorney Al Reuter said that it is to mitigate the downside of delays within the project.

“There’s nothing unusual about this approach,” Reuter said.

The approval of the village board was requested because “the CSM proposes dedication of public right-of-way and outlots,” according to Roffers. The CSM is allowed in this case because it does not include five or more lots of 1.5 acres or less in area.

The board also approved the resolution to amend the project plan for Tax Incremental District #7 for a third time. The board adopted the project plan in June 2011, and it was amended in September 2014 and again in August 2018.

Under the new amendment, more than $6.3 million will be added to the overall construction projects within the TID. It mainly revolves around street construction and the other infrastructure that comes along with it. No significant changes to developments will occur. Per the resolution, the amendment has been deemed “feasible” and it conforms with the master plan of the village.

According to the Project Plan, estimated development values predict the creation of $139,022,400 in new value increment overall in TID #7, including $18,343,300 established as of the Jan. 1 assessment date. The total projected increment compares to $173,173,400 projected at the time of the second amendment in 2018. The reduction in anticipated value increments results from more conservative development values proposed by the developers. The development is currently projected to yield approximately $41,694,954 in tax increment as compared to the projected $46,003,657 predicted in Amendment 2. The tax increment generated is projected based on an estimated equalized mill rate of $22 for fiscal year 2021 remaining unchanged for the life of the TID. For comparison purposes, the DeForest mill rate for fiscal year 2020 was $22.19 on an equalized basis.

The board then also approved a resolution that authorizes Village President Judd Blau and Village Clerk LuAnn Leggett to “execute a development agreement with CAH Co. DeForest, LLC for public infrastructure improvements and private development within the replat of Fix Hills Estates and adjacent lands.”

DASD School Resource Officer

Also at the Sept. 1 meeting, the board approved continuing with the School Resource Officer position with the school district. Andrew Freeman is now the seventh SRO for the district as the previous six “set the standard of service to the students and staff of the DASD.”

In 1991, the DeForest Police Department started the D.A.R.E program in DASD. In 2002, the D.A.R.E officer was converted into the SRO as both the district and village saw it as beneficial.

Per the resolution, it was noted that, “the Village Board does fully and wholeheartedly support the fine men and women serving our community as Law Enforcement officers. We also support the continuation of the school resource officer in partnership with the DeForest Area school District today and into the future.”

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