Abigail Lowery

DeForest Village Trustee Abigail Lowery intends to run as a Democrat for a seat as a Representative in the State Assembly.

Lowery made the announcement Monday. She’s hoping to represent Assembly District 37, which includes DeForest, Windsor, Columbus, Waterloo, and Watertown. The election takes place Nov. 3.

A former special education teacher, Lowery said her extensive public service background motivates her to run and fight for what communities in Assembly District 37 need. She has worked in a range of positions supporting adults and children with developmental disabilities.

Lowery said that fighting for children, public education, and disability rights are part of who she is and why she is running. Currently a DeForest Village Board trustee, Lowery serves on various local boards.

Lowery said she wants to restore power to the people in terms of protecting the right to vote, closing the “Dark Store Loopholes,” and creating fair maps are also major priorities.

“Running for elected office is a huge time commitment. When I look at my two children in these uncertain times with an ongoing pandemic, I believe it is worth it. This seat, our wonderful state and her people are worth it,” Lowery said.

She continued, “I have been honored to serve our community on the DeForest Village Board for the last three years and have successfully advocated for and implemented policies that ‘grow the good life’ here. We need more of that advocacy for our communities in the Capitol in Madison, and I am ready to bring that to the Wisconsin State Assembly in a meaningful and accountable manner.”

Lowery is a lifelong Wisconsinite, and she and her family have lived in the 37th district for over a decade. She is a UW-Madison graduate. Lowery and her husband have two children and a dog they adopted from the Columbia County Humane Society.

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