An update on how the village is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak was presented at the Windsor Village Board’s May 21 meeting.

Wipperfurth talked about Dane County’s reopening order, called “Forward Dane,” and its four phases designed to get the county back to a state of normalcy. Wipperfurth acknowledged that the order is being challenged in federal court.

Wipperfurth, who was recently elected as president of the Dane County Cities and Villages Association (DCCVA), said it was “disheartening” that the organization was not consulted by county officials with regard to the order.

“While we all want to keep everyone safe, we’ve been told to do what we can to flatten the curve, and now we’re getting a new set of orders,” said Wipperfurth.

At the end of the May 21 meeting, Wipperfurth acknowledged that people are losing patience with the situation, but called on residents to be calm and be kind to one another.

Village Administrator Tina Butteris discussed some COVID-19 guidelines the village is trying to follow. She said that while pickle ball and tennis courts can open, other recreational facilities are not yet allowed to reopen.

“We’re watching everything that’s happening,” said Butteris. “It seems like the news changes hourly and daily. We’re just doing the best we can for the community.”

Butteris said that village hall remains closed, although staff can be reached by phone or email. Staff is also working in teams of three, with a trio working one day and another three working another day.

Butteris also said playgrounds are closed in response to a question from Trustee Monica Smith.

Wipperfurth said he is working with staff on phasing in the opening of village hall. He said that at the start, in-person meetings may take place only by appointment. Also, public works may be asked to install Plexiglass to in a space to meet visitors.

“A lot of communities are moving toward this with their front offices,” said Butteris.

Jamie Rybarczyk, the village’s deputy administrator and economic development director, said he and staff are working on a postcard that will be sent to village businesses to gauge how they are doing with COVID-19.

Windsor Crossing The Terraces

By a 3-2 vote, the village board approved a request for a one-year deadline extension on the certified survey map, site plan review and extension of North Towne Road for Phase II of the Terraces of Windsor Crossing development.

Trustees Smith and Don Madelung voted against the request, prompted by the economic impact of COVID-19 on real estate capital markets, according to a letter sent to the village by Konner Kearney, land development and sales manager for the Forward Development Group.

Madelung said there have been some frustrations with the time the project has taken. and

“It’s been disappointing to say the least,” said Madelung, who thought an extension of a year was too long. He said an extension of six to nine months would be more appropriate.

Smith said it was her understanding that COVID-19 was not affecting construction.

“I’m feeling kind of frustrated by this in all honesty,” said Smith.

Trustee Bruce Stravinsky, however, acknowledged these are “challenging times,” and added that he didn’t have a problem with giving the extension.

Work orders and change orders

A work order of $179,500 was unanimously approved for construction services provided by Baxter & Woodman, Inc., for the County Road DM and Clinton Road project, as was another work order of $25,950 for the Egre Road culvert replacement and bidding services.

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