Some residents of Revere Trails were hoping to gain support from the Village of Windsor in an effort to encourage the Village of DeForest to reconsider constructing connecting vehicular roads between the housing development and Fox Hills Estates.

They were met with resistance at the May 7 meeting of the Windsor Village Board.

“We have issues with speeding,” said local resident Adam Wills, who wrote a letter to Windsor Village President Bob Wipperfurth outlining Revere Trails residents’ petition. “We’re concerned with how people are speeding through without regard for residents.”

Wills and other Revere Trails residents would like to see multi-use paths instead of roads for vehicular traffic for connections at Great Bridge Drive and Son of Liberty Drive.

Ultimately, Windsor trustees voted unanimously to support plans for the Great Bridge Drive road connection to the north, while noting that if a decision is made to terminate the southern connection for Son of Liberty Drive, it should be considered for emergency access only.

The road work is related to the Hooper Corporation development planned for DeForest, which involves moving the company’s headquarters from Madison to a vacant 50-acre parcel accessible from Highway 19.

In his communication, Wills noted the cooperative planning between the two villages with regard to the connection of Great Bridge Drive and Son of Liberty Drive and the benefits for residents of Revere Trails to have greater accessibility to neighbors to the west in Fox Hill Estates.

Looking closer at Hooper Corporation’s plans for development prompted Revere Trails residents to learn more about the road connections, according to Wills.

Residents of Revere Trails have expressed safety concerns, noting there will be an increase in non-resident traffic in the neighborhood. Wills indicated that Revere Trails residents would prefer connections be made with multi-use paths rather than roads allowing vehicular traffic.

What exacerbates the problem is that there are no sidewalks in the neighborhood.

“We have to walk on the streets. We have to push strollers on streets and walk our dogs on streets,” said Wills.

Revere Trails also does not have streetlights, making the area darker when it comes time to head home.

In his letter, Wills wrote, “Because our residents know the construction and makeup of our neighborhood, we drive slowly and carefully, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the existing non-resident traffic. There has been an issue with unrecognized cars driving too fast in the neighborhood. Twice this past year, the Windsor Police Department posted portable speed trailers along Forest Park Drive.”

Wills explained in the letter that residents have discussed the matter at length with the Village of DeForest and submitted a petition. Wills indicated that residents recognize the inconveniences that would result from not connecting Great Bridge or Son of Liberty Drive to vehicular traffic, but explained that safety issues override them.

Wills explained that Revere Trails is now populated with new and growing families and that the neighborhood, which is very active, has roughly 100 children under the age of 12.

Trustee Don Madelung identified another safety concern having to do with EMS and fire access, noting that roads for vehicular traffic were necessary so “they can get to places as fast as they can go.”

Monica Smith, also a trustee, agreed. “I think that it’s a safety issue that should take high priority.”

Saying that like the other trustees, he had mixed emotions about the matter, Trustee Brad Mueller said he understands Revere Trails residents’ arguments and that they want an environment where they feel safe. However, Mueller said that when the Revere Trails development was put in, it affected other nearby developments both positively and negatively.

There was an explanation about trends with new developments that express a desire to not want to care for sidewalks. Smith said that if traffic is increasing in certain areas that don’t have them, perhaps adding sidewalks is a good idea.

Wipperfurth agreed. He also said that perhaps deputies could spend more time in the Revere Trails area to deter speeders. Wipperfurth added that speed boards could be installed there as well.

Wills wondered if a roundabout would be possible, but the Windsor Deputy Administrator Jamie Rybarczyk explained that the size of the right-of-way required would make it difficult.

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