Three stolen vehicles were reported in the last 24 hours in three area communities, including the Village of Windsor, were taken by the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.

A plague of car thefts and break-ins of unlocked vehicles and homes continues in Dane County. The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is reminding citizens to secure their belongings to protect themselves against these crimes of opportunity.

Along with the three stolen vehicles, there have been numerous reports of unlocked vehicles being rifled through for any items of value. Locations of the stolen vehicles include Deerfield, the town of Bristol and Windsor. There were also numerous reports of thefts from autos in Deerfield the morning of July 21. Other law enforcement agencies throughout the county are also experiencing these calls on a consistent basis.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking citizens to help deter these crimes by ensuring vehicles, garages and homes are locked at all times. Tips include creating reminders for yourself to check vehicles, garage doors and home entry points to make sure they’re locked and that no items of value are accessible. Citizen are asked to report if they notice their vehicle has been entered even if nothing was stolen, as there could be related cases in your area.

Consider joining the Neighbors App to receive alerts from neighbors and law enforcement on crime activity in your area. You do not need to have a Ring doorbell to participate in the app. However, if you do have a Ring doorbell or a similar system, you may have video that could be useful in identifying suspects.

How it works:

• Text “danecountywi” to 555-888 or click here, from your smartphone to download the app for free on iOS and Android.

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