Thefts from autos and stolen vehicles continue to be a problem in the area.

Windsor contract deputy Hayley Collins discussed the matter during a report to the Windsor Village Board on Thursday, Aug. 20.

“They’re continuing to target unlocked cars and garage door openers in cars,” said Collins.

Collins said the overall number of calls in July was high. In all, the four contract deputies in Windsor responded to 356 calls last month, including a number of theft from autos in the Windsor Ridge and Fairway Circle area that Collins worked on.

Collins reported that deputies have been actively canvassing neighborhoods hit by cases of thefts from autos. They are seeking information about suspicious behavior and asking residents to review their home video devices, such as the Ring, to gather information on possible suspects.

Furthermore, the Windsor deputies have flexed their schedules to work in the early morning hours to prevent crime in response to the spike in thefts from autos. They’ve been coming in at 2-3 a.m. or staying late until 3 a.m.

Collins said that the previous night she noticed a garage door open at 1 a.m. and stopped at the residence to talk about it with the homeowner.

In July, there were three reports of stolen autos, along with 15 calls about stolen material from autos.

Collins said one deputy alone had received more than a dozen calls from residents about people rummaging through their vehicles. She also said the department is continuing its efforts through social media to educate residents about ways to prevent such incidents.

Collins is reminding them to make sure their vehicles are locked and that they remove their garage door openers from them when returning home.

“We’re doing our part to deter these crimes and being a presence in neighborhoods,” said Collins.

Regarding footage from home video devices, it was reported that they don’t always show what’s going on throughout the whole property. Often, they are simply pointed directly to what’s in front of the front door and do not show what is going on with parked vehicles.

Trustee Bruce Stravinski asked if most of the thefts occur overnight or during the daytime.

Collins said most are happening between midnight and 1 a.m. and 3-4 a.m. However, she mentioned a report of a stolen auto that took place at an apartment building in the afternoon.

Village President Bob Wipperfurth asked how homeowners are reacting to deputies stopping at residences to discuss instances of open garage doors or vehicles and their requests to see footage from home video devices.

Collins said they are appreciative that deputies are watching their neighborhoods, and they appear to have the same attitude toward being asked to see home video footage, which she said has been really beneficial to law enforcement.

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