River Road and Innovation Drive repavement

A stretch of River Road is closed for renovation as of Sept. 20, while intersecting Innovation Drive has recently reopened with a new layer of pavement. River Road will reopen with a lower speed limit in anticipation of development in the area.

Innovation Drive, along with the overpass bridge at the intersection of River Road and Windsor Road, are open with fresh coats of pavement, but work continues on the edge of Conservancy Place.

River Road between Innovation Drive and ABS Global’s ABS Bullevard is closed for resurfacing as of Monday, Sept. 20. The repairs will also mark a new phase in the life of the road as groundbreaking for the Pinseekers golf complex approaches.

Among the various issues brought by residents to Village Board and Planning and Zoning meetings surrounding the Pinseekers project debate, one recurring concern was around safety on River Road, as it currently exists and with increased traffic in the future, including vehicles speeding into the Sunnybrook area.

At the DeForest Village Board’s Sept. 7 meeting, an ordinance change was brought at the recommendation of Police Chief James Olson, lowering the speed limit on River Road. The ordinance would bring the speed limit from 45 mph down to 35 mph on River Road between Windsor Road and Daley Road.

In discussions surrounding speed limits on and around state roads, Trustee Jim Simpson, who outside the board is a Department of Transportation project manager, has at times been a voice of skepticism regarding speed limits set below what roads have been designed to manage. Discussion of River Road, however, has provided an exception.

Simpson explained that while he would ordinarily have questions about a 35 mph speed limit on a road like River Road, he recognized that there would be permanent changes coming to that area and it would be prudent to get ahead of the likely increased activity in the corridor. Simpson joined four other trustees in supporting the lowered speed limit, while Trustee Bill Landgraf voted against the speed limit change. Trustee Taysheedra Allen was absent.

Road work on Innovation Drive between River Road and Redspire Lane has complicated getting in and out of Conservancy Place over the past month, but barriers have removed after final paving over the past weekend.

According to Public Services Project Coordinator Greg Hall, the River Road project is expected to be complete no later than Nov. 15.

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