One Act winner

DeForest Area High School’s production of “Almost Maine” received awards in the One Act State competition, with senior Clare O’Connell win the “Outstanding Acting Award” for her role as Hope.

The technical crew and senior Clare O’Connell from DeForest Area High School’s “Almost Maine” received awards in the One Act State competition.

All 2020-21 contests were virtual, with one statewide District festival and one statewide Sectional festival ahead of the State Festival.

“It is with great pride that I share with you all the results of our one act competition play, Almost, Maine, that competed virtually at the state level this past weekend. Although our season was cut short, and we were unable to film our final run due to the changes in COVID restrictions, we were still able to submit our best available copy of the performance to the competition. Clare O’Connell was awarded the ‘Outstanding Acting Award’ for her role as Hope. Additionally, our technical crew was awarded the ‘Outstanding Crew Award.’ While the production process looked a little different this year, with rehearsals being broken down to rehearsing only the students involved in a specific scene, and with staggered entrances and exits to maintain proper social distancing, all of the kids in this production worked very hard, and were very diligent about following any and all safety procedures to ensure a positive outcome for everyone,” Brett Price, One Act Play Assistant.

The DAHS cast of Almost, Maine:

• Pete (Petra) – Delaney Lange

• Ginette – Alanna Pierick

• East – Carver Nelson

• Glory – Sarah Deminter

• Gayle – Raegan Hilmershausen

• Lendall (Linda) – Eleanor Treinen

• Hope – Clare O’Connell

• A Man (Daniel) – Dom Jaccard

The DAHS crew of Almost, Maine:

• Ainsley Swenson

• Amber Meyers

• Molly Costello

• Alexys Scheurell

• Camden Benisch

• Michael Seeley

• Sara Natysin

• Liliana Kenyon

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