The Department of Public Health is looking for information regarding a dog that bit a man on July 10.

This incident occurred around 7:30 p.m. at the Token Creek dog park at 6200 Williamsburg Way, DeForest. The dog is described as a young adult German shepherd and was playfully nipping at the man’s hand prior to the bite.

There were two women with the dog. The first woman is described as a white female in her 20s; the second woman is described as a white female or hispanic female in her late teens to early 20s. The two women also had another adult German shepherd with them.

Anyone having information regarding this incident is asked to call the Police and Fire Dispatcher at (608) 255-2345 and ask for the animal services officer. If the animal is not located, it is possible that this animal may go on to bite someone else. It will also mean that the bite victim may be required to complete a series of costly injections to prevent rabies.

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