It’s back to the drawing with regard to the naming of the DeForest Area School District’s new intermediate school.

At the school board meeting Monday, March 9, the board put off picking a name for the facility, choosing instead to go back to the 55 school names that were originally suggested to find a winner.

The board reached consensus on additional criteria, deciding to choose a name that does not reference specific villages or towns and voting to remove from consideration any school name that includes a municipality.

Each board member was asked to choose up to five names from the updated list for consideration at the school board’s next meeting. It was also agreed that board members could add names to the original list if they wished, taking into consideration additional research and discussions with community members that have taken place this past month.

“I would rather we took our time to do this right than rush to make a decision. This school will be around for a long time. Finding a name that honors the past, reflects the present, and which will stand the test of time is worth taking a little time with,” said school board president Jan Berg.

Board members noted their appreciation for all who provided input in early February for five possible names for the school. Since then, school board members have been able to reflect on the 476 responses provided through the naming survey, as well as additional feedback from community members.

Included was a request from the Windsor Village Board, which suggested not including DeForest or Windsor in the name and advocating for something more neutral.

At the March 9 school board meeting, some board members shared a wish to respect the history and progress of the communities served by the district. They decided then to take more time to make a final decision.

Three members of the Windsor Village Board – Village President Bob Wipperfurth, Trustee Bruce Stravinski and Trustee Brad Mueller – spoke during the public input portion of the school board meeting.

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