Algiers T White Jr


A DeForest teen, Algiers White, Jr, 18, has been arrested and charged with felony counts of hit-and-run and reckless endangerment after a confrontation at a DeForest gas station. On Sept. 16 White was charged and appeared in Dane County Circuit Court.

The incident happened nearly a month earlier, on the night of Aug. 22, just after 10 p.m. DeForest Police Officers were dispatched to a gas station on County Highway V, where they encountered a man with an arm wrapped in gauze. The man reportedly told the officer that there was no bone visible, but that there were several cuts and he believed there was “some of that car in his arm.”

The man told the officer that when he had been loading a semi truck, he heard an engine revving and there were two cars near one of the gas pumps.

Two black subjects exited one vehicle and approached the two white subjects in another vehicle and were reportedly yelling and, according to the man, appeared to be ready to get into a fight. The man yelled at the two black subjects to “get the hell out of here,” to which the two subjects responded, one threatening that he had a gun.

The exchange continued, as the individuals got back into their vehicle and drove toward him and the truck. The man said that they “floored” the car and as they approached, he jumped, landing on the hood and grabbing the windshield wipers before falling to the ground.

The vehicle backed up and drove toward the man again, with the man’s head and shoulder hitting against the windshield, breaking it. The driver, according to the man, then said he would come back to kill him before driving off.

When officers spoke to one of the staff at the gas station, an employee told them that earlier two black men had come into the station, apparently in a hurry, to buy $5 of gas. While they were there, another vehicle pulled up behind theirs and someone got out of the vehicle carrying a baseball bat.

Gas station security footage reviewed by a DeForest police officer appeared to match descriptions, with one car parking at a gas pump, White and another person get out of the car, and an exchange with someone in another vehicle near the entrance, then another vehicle arrives and the two vehicles move, appearing to box in the car White had been driving.

When White exits the store and approaches his vehicle, the man with the baseball bat exits his vehicle. White is seen taking his shirt off and throwing it into a parking stall, then approaching the vehicles posturing with his arms up.

At the point it appears attention moves off-screen to the man by the semi, the unidentified man with the bat, and the man from the other vehicle both go back into their cars. White and the other subject are seen getting back into their vehicle and driving in the direction of the semi.

At the end, all three cars drove away onto eastbound County Highway V.

On Sept. 2 White was arrested and taken to Dane County Jail, where he is under a probation hold. In August 2020 White was convicted of two counts of misdemeanor battery, with sentencing withheld over two years probation.

Two months earlier, White had been given four years probation for the charges of reckless use of a firearm and possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under the age of 18.

White is scheduled to next appear in court for a Sept. 28 preliminary hearing.

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