Hillary M Phillips


A DeForest woman is facing felony charges, accused of luring a man to a hotel where he was left robbed and severely beaten.

Hillary Phillips, 34, of DeForest, with suspected accomplice Devore Bell, 50, of Madison, were each charged in Dane County Circuit Court with felony counts of substantial battery and robbery, and also accused of auto theft (Bell as a driver, Phillips as a passenger).

The charges stem from a May 29 incident in which Madison police were called to the Madison Super 8 hotel on Hayes Road. Staff directed police to a trashed room with blood on the bed and wall, which had been rented to Devore Bell.

Two hours later, police received a call from Meriter Hospital, where the suspected victim wished to speak to an officer.

According to court documents, the man at the hospital told officers that he had been speaking with Phillips over several months, leading up to the morning of May 29 when he said that she invited him to her hotel room at the Super 8.

After arriving and talking with Phillips in the room for a couple minutes, according to the man, “the old guy,” came out of the bathroom and knocked him out and across the bed. When he came to, he saw the man holding a 1.75 liter glass bottle, with which he started beating the visitor.

The suspected victim told police that he rolled onto the floor, where Phillips kicked him in the face as the other man continued to hit him with the bottle. During the incident, the man with the bottle reportedly lost his footing, at which point, the other man ran to the hall and screamed for help.

Hotel guests and staff came out into the hallway to help as the man said he tried to run to the parking lot, but fell and passed out.

As he was fleeing, Phillips and Bell took a set of keys that came from the man, along with his wallet, $250 and his iPhone, and fled in a van the man drove to the hotel.

At the hospital a doctor told officers that they performed a cat scan on the man, which showed a brain bleed. The officer was present as the man was treated with 10 staples for an open wound on his head, among various other injuries.

During interviews, the suspected victim told police that in addition to knowing Phillips, he had also recognized Bell as someone he had served time with in Fox Lake Correctional Facility.

Bell had been in Fox Lake Correctional Facility in 2006 and again between 2009 and 2011.

At the time of the incident, Phillips had an open criminal case in which she was accused of misdemeanor property theft, credit card theft, and financial transaction fraud in December 2020. In 2019 Phillips was also charged with armed robbery with an additional charge of substantial battery that was later dismissed.

On June 9 Bell was arrested on narcotics charges in Fort Worth, Texas, where the stolen minivan was returned to its owner.

Hillary made her initial appearance in Dane County Circuit Court on July 6, scheduling a preliminary hearing on July 13. If convicted, Phillips and Bell each face up to 20 years in prison.

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