Campaign spending in Wisconsin legislative campaigns hit a new record in 2020. In races for the state Senate and Assembly, a staggering $53.9 million was spent – a 50.5% increase over 2018.

Total spending in 14 legislative races exceeded $1 million, more than doubling the total of six such races in 2018. Spending in each of three Senate races surpassed $3.2 million.

The winners are now in Madison – working on behalf of Wisconsin families, businesses, and communities. They’ve entered an arena of competing values, differing agendas, and significant pressure to do well for Wisconsin.

But good government doesn’t just happen. It takes informed citizens who are paying attention.

WisconsinEye Public Affairs Network provides unedited, gavel-to-gavel coverage of the state Legislature, Supreme Court, and many activities of the Governor’s office.

This independent, non-government network delivers unmatched citizen access to the inputs and outcomes of public policy and a level of transparency, accountability and perspective that is only available on the 24/7 WisconsinEye network.

In a cluttered, partisan, sound-bite driven media environment, WisconsinEye is the place to witness what actually happened in the State Capitol with completeness and context.

The cost to provide this significant level of access? $1.2 million per year, or two percent (2%) of the amount spent on getting politicians elected to the state Senate and Assembly in 2020.

Please consider a tax-deductible charitable investment in access, transparency, and truth with a gift to WisconsinEye, 122 West Washington Ave., Suite 200, Madison, WI 53703.

Together, let’s keep an eye on the process and products of all that spending.

Jon Henkes

President, WisconsinEye


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