It’s hard to believe, but we are already half-way through the month of October. We’ve had a couple of weeks of very warm temperatures which makes it seem much earlier in the year. I love the month of October for several reasons that I will talk about in this week’s column.

I love watching football from the Friday night lights games of our DeForest Norskies to the college games up to the NFL games. Favorite teams are the Norskies, Wisconsin and the Packers — I plan my weekends around their game schedules. I have yet to attend a DeForest game this year, but I certainly read about the games every week. They love playing the game and are a very talented team, but that was a tough Homecoming loss to Waunakee (again). They could go far in post-season play if they are’t matched up with Waunakee early in the playoffs. Go Norskies!

The Packers played terrible in the first game this season when they were stomped on by New Orleans, but they came back strong against Detroit, San Francisco and Pittsburgh. When I wrote this column after the Pittsburgh game I felt that they could finish up with a pretty good year. We’ll see.

Wisconsin has been a big disappointment this year. I don’t think they will even win half of their games, which is a shame. But I’m not a fair-weather fan, I’ll still cheer for the Badgers and hope for better seasons in the future. I fondly remember the Alvarez-coached Badgers who won Big Ten Championships and Rose Bowls.

I’m looking forward to enjoying a fall color tour this fall. I think the dry conditions in the southern part of Wisconsin are going to make fall colors a bit duller this year and peak color will pass quickly. I have a big maple tree in front of my house that is one of the first trees to change color in this area. It started changing color before October and by October 5th my yard was full of fallen leaves. I’m sure the tree will be bare by mid-October.

A couple of my friends told me they took my fall color tour that I wrote about in last weeks column. They knew it was too early for fall colors, but it looked like an interesting back road drive close to home and they enjoyed the trip. The next week or two should be peak color in southern Wisconsin.

I stopped at Lapacek’s Orchard for some of their apple cider a few Sundays back and there was a pretty good crowd looking for fresh apples and picking out pumpkins from the field. Unfortunately, they were out of the fresh cider but were planning to press some in the next few days so I guess I’ll have to try to get some later. Their cider is not pasteurized and is much darker in color than most ciders, and the taste is excellent.

I got my Pfizer Covid booster vaccine and my annual flu shot both on October 1st at DeForest Hometown Pharmacy. I can’t get over how small and sharp the needles are now for vaccinations. I didn’t even feel it when I got the shots and my arm was fine all day. About 3 a.m. I woke up with a slightly sore arm so I took a Tylenol and fell back to sleep. It didn’t hurt at all the next morning. Hey, senior citizens: if you haven’t received your Covid vaccination booster or your annual flu shot, pick up the phone and make your appointment now. You can receive both at either DeForest Hometown Pharmacy or DeForest Walgreens and you will the be fully protected from most flus and COVID for the coming winter.

How did you survive the Facebook shutdown on Oct 4th? I have Facebook, but I hardly ever use it so it had zero effect on my day, but I have many friends who spend a good amount of time on Facebook every day and I’m sure the shutdown was hard on them.

I’ve been noticing on my drives around the area that many folks are decorating the outside of their houses for Halloween. Some of the places are pretty elaborate. I’ll bet that most of the elaborate ones will turn around right after Halloween and put up Christmas decorations.

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