Many area voters support Democrats

Dear editor:

When we moved here 39 years ago, DeForest and Windsor were considered somewhat conservative politically, being sort of a more or less small, rural, farm town. Scepanski However, in studying the results of the Nov. 6 elections, it appears that D-W has become decidedly Democratic: For instance, Governor-elect Tony Evers, 2,487 in Windsor, Gov. Scott Walker 1,644. In DeForest it was Evers 3,176, Walker 1,636. Those totals are defining of the political sentiment in our community. Or, consider the attorney general race: In DeForest, Republican incumbent Brad Schimel 1,688, Democratic challenger Josh Kaul 3,093. In Windsor, Schimel 1,703, Kaul 2,383. Not even close. Same story as regards U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin vs. challenger Leah Vukmir. So went Michelle Zahn over strong incumbent Scott Fitzgerald for state senator in the badly gerrymandered Wisconsin 13th Senate District. Even in the 42nd Assembly District, it was incumbent Republican Jon Plumer 266 in DeForest, Democratic challenger Ann Groves Lloyd 474; 162 to 212, respectively, in Windsor. (Mark Pocan, Dianne Hesselbein and John Jagler ran unopposed.)

Those of you who read my occasional letters to the editor in the Times-Tribune know by now how happy these results make me. Won or lost in each of these races, it means to me that come the 2020 election, we will be in good shape in DeForest and Windsor. We will do our part to elect Democrats.


John Scepanski, DeForest

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