I was pleased to see your inclusion of Matt Rothschild’s column (“State Supreme Court wrong to take on redistricting”) in the September 30, 2021, issue of the DeForest Times-Tribune.

Mr. Rothschild complains that the four-justice majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court — commonly thought of as a conservative majority — is carrying water for Wisconsin’s dominant Republican majority in the legislature, by taking original jurisdiction in a Wisconsin suit concerning redistricting. Mr. Rothschild points out that it is well established law that redistricting cases be heard in federal court. The implication is that the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s claim of original jurisdiction violates the neutrality of the Court. In other words, by the simple fact of taking this case, the Wisconsin Supreme Court aligns itself in a partisan way with the right wing Republican majority in the legislature.

Mr. Rothschild cements his argument by observing the Court’s astounding (feigned?) ignorance of the whole issue of gerrymandered redistricting. The conservative majority on the Court actually stated in its ruling, “We decline to formally declare, at the onset, that a new apportionment plan is needed.” What? Does the majority on the Court think that population stays the same over a ten year period? The conservative majority on the Court seems to expect the current right wing Republican majority in the legislature to use the “rigged maps of 2011 for as long as they can.”

Good citizens can stop this abuse of power by passing legislation for FAIR MAPS, as explained in my September 23rd letter.

It might help, too, if the village boards of DeForest and Windsor join the jurisdictions representing about 80% of Wisconsin residents that have passed referendums or resolutions in favor of fair maps.

John Scepanski, DeForest

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