Villages should work together

Dear editor,

Where is the needed good will between the village of DeForest and the village of Windsor? Citizens have it, government does not. I am concerned about two things after reading the possibility of a separate and costly new community center being built in the village of Windsor and the resistance by officials to changing the name of the DeForest Area Community and Senior Center. The people who actually participate at the center do not care what the name is. They just enjoy seeing their many friends from the surrounding area. Being stubbornly against unifying the name seems very small-minded and political to me. Very non-important in the long term. It really should not be an issue, in the short term.

The DeForest area community center in which I participate and enjoy, is a wonderful gathering spot for the whole community. It serves a real need in our joint communities. Those of us who actually enjoy the comradery of the existing center, enjoy friends from DeForest, Windsor, Vienna and the surrounding areas. Why build a new and expensive center to divide the communities and put another wedge between communities? I would suggest to the elected leaders of the community that they come to the center and see who is there, what happens there and participate. You will see that we don't care where you are from. What we care about is the fact that we can be together and enjoy each other no matter where you live. Why separate the communities?

I grew up in the town of Windsor and now live in the village of DeForest. Growing up we thought of ourselves as living in the DeForest "area" where everyone enjoyed everyone's gifts and talents. When did this new feeling of animosity begin? It's just foolishness.

Now is the time for our leaders to step up and show the community you are actually working together. Let's see positive leadership!

Thank you.

Bonnie Ziegler, DeForest

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