Vote for Jon Plumer

I have had the privilege of serving with Jon on the Lodi Town Board now for the past two and a half years. Jon has been an excellent representative of the taxpayers of the town. Jon has been instrumental in helping to keep our taxes low, our roads in excellent repair, our parks totally upgraded and our community safer with increased police patrols. Jon is an excellent listener and always carefully considers all the facts on every issue before coming to a decision that will be in the best interests of his constituents. Jon is an honest man with uncompromising integrity and would be an excellent Legislator representing the 42nd District. I would urge you to vote for Jon on Nov. 6.


James Bechen

Town of Lodi, Supervisor II

Plumer has my support

Dear editor,

I am proud to support a common-sense candidate like Rep. Jon Plumer, a small business owner who understands hard work, community and family. A man who has dedicated his time to civil service and the improvement of our roads and small towns. Rep. Jon Plumer has a proven track record and my vote on Nov. 6.

Jon has the experience necessary to advocate for us in Madison. Not only has he raised four daughters with his wife Chris, but he has grown a successful small business, balancing budgets and creating a Karate program that teaches respect, discipline and the benefits of hard work. He accomplished all of this while working as a route salesman for Kraft for over 30 years. Jon is no stranger to hard work and I am confident you can expect the same dedication from him as our state representative.

As town of Lodi supervisor, Jon has kept taxes low, helping to budget for necessary road projects and community improvements without raising taxes. He continues to protect his constituents, voting against unnecessary spending and making fiscally sound decisions that protect our families and homes, growing our communities for generations to come.

Rep. Plumer is committed to improving our district whether it be fixing our roads, growing our small towns, or protecting our farms. The Wisconsin Farm Bureau also recognizes Jon’s commitment and recently endorsed him as their candidate.

Our district deserves a great leader and a strong voice in Madison. Join me in re-electing Jon Plumer to State Assembly on Nov. 6.

Todd Nehls,

Fox Lake

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