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I am writing in response to a previous letter, “Civility can use a boost right here in Windsor/ DeForest” [ July 12, 2018]. I had an immediate emotional response. She writes of how after 30 years of living in Windsor, 20 years serving in the Wisconsin National Guard, two deployments, and time spent successfully advocating for open transgender service in the Department of Defense, she ew an LGBT pride flag for the first time in June of this year. Sadly, someone shot a gun at her house damaging her garage door. She stated that she expects “it was done by someone who took issue with the Pride flag.”

My emotional response started first from a place of anger. How dare someone try to intimidate another? How dare someone recklessly shoot a gun? This woman has served her country in so many ways that we cannot even begin to count and this is how someone repays her and veterans in general?

Even though this happened in Windsor, I feel like DeForest and Windsor (and surrounding towns) are one big community and this action does not fit with the overall culture of our community.

I see many acts of kindness and acceptance on a daily basis in our community. You can see this all on display every year during our annual Fourth of July parade.

I personally know of at least one person here in DeForest who is transgender. Statistically, there are likely several more transgender people who live here. Regardless of someone’s identity, I do not want anyone who lives here to feel unsafe or unwelcome. We, as a community, get to decide who lives here and is welcomed here and we have made it very clear through community events and regular, everyday interactions that we accept and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. We look out for one another. We respect and appreciate our veterans. We care.

Thus, I ask everyone in our community to keep doing what you are doing that makes this area a great place to live. Keep looking out for one another. Keep speaking out when you see someone being treated poorly. Keep helping our country move towards fairness and justice for all. Keep attending our great community events like the Fourth of July parade and the Memorial Day event at Veteran’s Memorial Park in DeForest. Keep being you and do not let anyone impede that.

Abigail Lowery, DeForest

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