Voter fraud is real

Dear Editor,

Recently the Leader carried a letter which ended with the sentence, “The integrity of our democracy depends on it.” It’s curious that the writer invoked that sentiment after she stated earlier in the same letter that “voter fraud doesn’t exist.” Just where has she looked, if at all?

Perhaps she accepts that old saw without spending a minute to investigate. Has she read the testimony presented before the Wisconsin State Legislature by Dan O’Donnell? The full transcript pops up immediately with a simple online search. It’s a compilation of months of O’Donnell’s painstaking research and cites specific, verifiable cases of fraud.

Has the writer’s concern for integrity moved her to learn about anyone who has submitted a sworn statement that their developmentally disabled relative requested, filled out, signed and submitted an absentee ballot…all impossible tasks for that individual? Or, that last year, the number of “indefinitely confined” voters (no ID needed) in Wisconsin was 72,000 and for this election, that number rose a whopping 238% to 250,000?

Why follow the law when you can cheat and submit a ballot with no proof. Does she care that the Wisconsin Election Commission violated state law by refusing to purge the state’s voter lists so that they couldn’t be used for fraud? Instead, 234,000 names of people who died, moved or haven’t voted in years remained ripe for picking by dishonest players. You can find cases of voter fraud with criminal convictions by state in another online search.

If nothing else, she simply cannot believe an absolute. No one ever lies. No one ever cheats. Voter fraud doesn’t exist. Seriously? It exists on both sides. The difference is when it’s widespread, organized and affects the outcome of an election.

Take the Biden campaign’s funding and promotion of the illegal vote harvesting in over 200 Madison parks 24 days before Wisconsin allows voting. Madison and the Biden Campaign clearly stood in potential violation of both state and federal prohibitions. If a person is worried about integrity, then be informed.

I can tell the writer what does exist: millions of Americans like me, who believe their vote was stolen. The integrity (and dangerously, the stability) of any government vanishes when a substantial portion of the governed feel the governors are illegitimate. When that illegitimate power is then used to intimidate, cancel or silence the opposition, it is tyranny not democracy.

Maureen Boelter

Lake Mills

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