Warning-speeding E. Lake St./CP Avenue

Assist EMS Owen St.

Found Property W. Lake St. & Lake Shore Dr.

Warning X 2 — Possession of smoking materials Catlin Dr.

Written Warning: Speeding Main Sreet/Grant St.

Written Warning: Defective Headlamp CTH B/Brookstone Dr.

Written Warning: Defective High Mount Brake Light, Citation Possession of THC, All Other Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Warrant Arrest CTHV/CTHA


Warning-defective head lamp N. Main St./Madison St.

Operating with Restricted Controlled Substance (1st), Possession of THC, Possession of Paraphernalia. Written Warning Left of Center S. Main St./Topel St.

All other Emergency Detention Tamarack Dr.

Written Warning Left of Center N. Main St./Pine St.

Written Warning Defective Brake Light N. Ferry Dr./Tower St.

Written Warning Defective Headlight S. Main St./Keyes

Written Warning Fail to Maintain Exhaust Owen St./Reed St.

Written Warning Speeding N. Main St./Pine St.

Written Warning Fail to stop at stop sign N. Main St./Madison St.

Written Warning Fail to stop at stop sign N. Main St./Lake St.

Mutual Aid French Rd.


Written warning: no headlights at night E. Madison St. / N. Main St.

Crash-Property Damage Only Tamarack Dr.

Written Warning: Speeding S. Main St./Milton St.

Sexual Assault Mulberry St.

Truman Narcotics, JESO S. Main St./Water St.

Citation Operating After Suspension, Written Warning Improper Display of Registration, No Front License Plates, Truman Narcotics W. Tyranena Park Rd./N. Main St.

Citation-Fail to stop at stop sign, Truman Narcotics N. Main St./Lake St.

Found Property N. Main St.


Written Warning: Speeding Hwy V/Hwy B to West

Written Warning: Speeding S. Main St./Phillips St.

Citation: Operating without a Valid License Sandy Beach Rd./S. Main St.

Written Warning Speeding S. Main St./Woodland Beach Rd.

Written Warning Speeding W. Tyranena Park Rd.


Citation: Operating while revoked 11th, written warning: defective brake lamp, fail to transfer title, expired registration, no insurance E. Tyranena Park Rd./ Cherokee Path

Custody Dispute Owen St.

Mutual Aid State Patrol I-94 Westbound

Written Warning Speeding S. Main St./ Pinnacle Dr.

Assist JESO: Drug Search Warrant W. Grant St.


Citations: OWI 1st, PAC; written warning: operate left of center S. Main St./Topel St.

Theft/trespassing S. Main St.

Mutual Aid--Found Property Water St.

Gas Dr. Off Mobil Gas Station

Lock-out of Vehicle Industrial Dr.

Felony: Possession of Fentanyl, Possession of MDMA, Possession Of THC, Written Warning: Operate After Suspended Registration/ All Other Dr.r’s license warning, Truman Narcotics CTHV/CTHA


Written Warning: Defective Headlamp E. Lake St./N. CP Ave

disorderly conduct warning Lakeside High School

Citation — Speeding S. Main St./Phillips Lane

Written warning — Speed E. Lake St./Enterprise Dr.

OWI 1st, Criminal Complaint: Possession of Promethazine, Possession of THC, Written Warning: Suspended Registration, All Other Dr.r’s License Warning, Municipal Citation: Possession of THC. Truman Narcotics CTHV/89

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