Public Schools week Dear Editor,

This is Public Schools week, a week when we celebrate our public schools, thank all our Lake Mills Area School District educators, and stop and think about why public education matters.

Public school educators possess both the training and commitment to teach all students, regardless of family income or religious affiliation. Special needs teachers provide students with specialized instruction and related services. Students of all abilities and backgrounds can make friendships, build empathy and gain respect for each other’s accomplishments in and out of the classroom.

Public schools are accountable. School Board members are elected officials whose meetings are open to the public. The state evaluates schools on many different quality measures, and issues “report cards,” accessible to all. In case you are wondering, Lake Mills received “exceeds expectations” grades for all three schools.

Public schools are where our future leaders are being created. After this past year of fear, struggle, suffering and divisions widened by misinformation, I am grateful for public schools like ours. The Class of 2020 (which includes my daughter) amazed me with their ability to focus on their plans and not on what they missed due to the pandemic. The future of the world--seriously--rests in their ability to keep looking ahead, and using their knowledge to help solve the many crises we are now facing.

Amy Janczy

CAPE Board Member

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