University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Chancellor Dwight C. Watson announced Monday detailed plans for both the Whitewater and Rock County campuses as students, faculty and staff return for the Fall 2020 semester.

“Our desire is to have our campuses as open as possible. We will not be the same university we were in the Fall of 2019. Yet, we are committed to providing students with excellent instruction, support and services,” Waston said. “Our first priority has always been, and remains, providing for the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. We know that in bringing students, faculty and staff together there is inherent risk, but we are doing everything possible to mitigate that risk and to ensure the best learning environment possible.”

“Warhawks Return: Practices for Fall 2020” lays out the university’s key principles of operations, including expectations for face coverings, social distancing, personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting, and health screening/testing.

Classes will begin in the fall as planned on Wednesday, Sept. 2, and will be held in a variety of face-to-face, online, and hybrid formats. After Friday, Nov. 20, all courses will move to a fully remote modality for the remainder of the fall semester. Residence halls will be open and available during the entirety of the semester.

Everyone is encouraged to visit the recently launched Warhawks Return website. This website will be updated often with current information and has a user-friendly, frequently asked question format for various constituents.

The Warhawks Return plan is the result of months of research, planning and implementation, with collaboration among university leadership, faculty, staff, students and community members.

“We’ve come together in real and meaningful ways this entire year as we’ve faced other challenges,” Watson said. “Warhawks do not shy away from obstacles; instead they soar and find alternative ways to serve students and ensure their success.”

UW-Whitewater will host three Town Hall meetings on Thursday, July 9, regarding the return to campus. Questions can be sent in advance to no later than noon Thursday, July 3.

The sessions are: 11 a.m. for faculty and staff at both campuses. Event address for attendees:

{p class=”p1”}Event number: 133 707 6554

{p class=”p1”}Event password: YgTJwP3hG44

{p class=”p1”}US TOLL FREE

{p class=”p1”}+1-855-749-4750

{p class=”p1”}Access Code: 133 707 6554

{ul class=”ul1”}{li class=”li1”}1 p.m. for members of the Whitewater and Rock County communities{/li}{/ul}

{p class=”p1”}Event address for attendees:

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{p class=”p1”}Event number: 133 987 1219

{p class=”p1”}Event password: TMgqJ7Zmk42

{p class=”p1”}US TOLL FREE

{p class=”p1”}+1-855-749-4750

{p class=”p1”}Access Code: 133 987 1219

{ul class=”ul1”}{li class=”li1”}3 p.m. for incoming and returning students and their families{/li}{/ul}

{p class=”p1”}Event address for attendees:

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{p class=”p4”} Event number: 133 125 3473

{p class=”p1”}Event password: PXfd6h336Rc

{p class=”p1”}US TOLL FREE

{p class=”p1”}+1-855-749-4750

{p class=”p1”}Access Code: 133 125 3473

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