Trails for everyone

Dear Editor,

I’m writing, with the support of many other cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts, in response to the letter last week regarding the trails at Tyranena Park.

We are living in unprecedented times – Covid 19 has forced people indoors. To a larger degree, we are living in a time where childhood obesity is off the charts, kids are typically spending more time indoors. It is imperative now, more than ever that we offer a safe place outdoors in for kids and adults to connect with nature and become lifelong stewards of preserving it.

The park and its new trails have seen a large increase in use by both walkers and riders this spring, which is awesome and the whole point of a public park! The park has been underutilized. Historically, this park has been used primarily for access to Rock Lake and an occasional picnic. The new addition of trails increases public access to more of the park while preserving the natural setting. The old walking trails were not formally constructed with any consideration for erosion or impact on Rock Lake.

All of the trails built in 2019 and 2020 are constructed to best practice standards according to the national recommendations for trail-building, to minimize erosion, focused on keeping speed at a safe level, and with sight-lines designed with walkers, runners and riders in mind.

We love nature and want everyone to love nature, which is why we have donated hundreds of hours to build best-practice trails that improve access to an amazing piece of public property with million dollar views for the residents of Lake Mills for any kind of activity they would like to do and feel safe in their community!

“We” are part of a state program that is under the umbrella of a national program that’s primary focus is getting kids outdoors and off their devises focusing on enjoying, adventuring and preserving nature as well as riding our bikes.

Our Core Values are fun, inclusivity, equity, respect and community.

We are proud to say that building, maintaining and offering up these trails to be enjoyed by the entire community of Lake Mills most definitely meets our goals.

Kathy Mock

Lake Mills

Director Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling League

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