The UW-Whitewater campus


UW-Whitewater will delay its spring break by about a month because of the coronavirus pandemic, while some other UW System schools have developed different plans.

Unlike UW-W’s fall semester, when plans are to go virtual after Thanksgiving break, UW-W officials plan to have students return to campus for about two weeks for the end of classes, final exams and commencement, according to an announcement Friday.

If virus conditions are bad enough, however, the university said it will move to entirely virtual instruction to wrap up the spring semester. The announcement says a decision on that will be made early enough for everyone to prepare.

“We believe this decision is the best way to provide students, faculty and staff with a break during the spring semester, while also considering the concerns related to having students leave our campuses and return to our communities,” the announcement states.

“UW-Whitewater is committed to the safety of our campuses and our communities, and we also understand that a break is a necessary part of helping to support the mental health of our students and others.”

UW-W's spring break now is scheduled for April 19-23. Originally, the university had scheduled spring break for March 22-26.

UW-Madison moved to cancel its spring break to prevent students from traveling, which could spread COVID-19 where they go or lead to them bringing it back upon their return.

UW-Platteville decided to schedule five days off and spread them throughout the semester.

If UW-Whitewater does go virtual after its spring break, dorms and dining services will stay open for students who choose to stay on campus, according to the announcement.

“Our costs remain the same—and in some cases have increased due to the pandemic—therefore we do not anticipate any refunds should we pivot delivery of courses to protect the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff, and communities,” the announcement states.

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