Jim Yandre

Jim Yandre of Lake Mills was the lucky winner of $350,000 recently.

Playing the same numbers for over 30 years had a large payoff for a loyal Wisconsin Lottery player, Jim Yandre of Lake Mills. Jim hit the $350,000 SuperCash! top prize on the Wednesday, Jan. 29 drawing.

Jim has been playing the same meaningful numbers for the past 30 years. The numbers include his late wife and kids’ birthdays. Jim plays regularly and this is his biggest win, although, he has won smaller amounts in the past.

Remaining consistent in playing the same numbers, Jim also likes to keep the same pattern for checking his numbers. He typically checks his tickets on Thursday mornings. After checking this winning ticket, he had to call his daughter-in-law to double check the ticket for him.

Before retiring, Jim was a firefighter in Lake Mills who now has sons who have followed in his footsteps and are firefighters in Jefferson County. Jim is excited to share some of his winnings with his children.

The winning ticket was purchased at Lake Mills Market, 375 West Tyranena Park Rd. Retailers who sell winning tickets over $599 receive an incentive of 2% of the winning ticket amount up to $100,000. This is the second time the top prize has been won in 2020.

The odds of winning the SuperCash! top prize is 1 in 1,631,312.

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