New leadership

Dear Editor,

Our bipartisan Jefferson County Board Supervisors, dedicated to improving the lives of county residents, were the target of a hostile audience of 561 citizens this month. It’s yet again another example of the destructive political divide that has trickled down to local levels and is affecting all of us. It’s time to heal this divide. The best way to do this is for us to exercise our right to vote for state and national leaders who value public good over party politics.

At the national level this November those of us in the US 5th Assembly District have an opportunity to vote for Tom Palzewicz. Check out The second sentence in candidate Palzewicz’s introduction is “My focus is to run a ‘country over party’ campaign.”

We also have a clear choice in legislators at the state level. Melissa Winker is once again seeking a Wisconsin Assembly seat in the 38th district. Check out Candidate Winker’s platform emphasizes “Joining with others to solve problems”.

Both Tom Palzewicz and Melissa Winker stress the importance of integrity in their message to voters. We have the power to elect true leaders this November!

Elaine Thousand

Lake Mills

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