So many heroes

Dear Editor,

I just finished a phone conversation with my daughter. She is a Physicians’ Assistant living in Connecticut. She told me a story that I want to pass along.

The hospital where she assists with heart surgery now has over 600 COVID-19 patients. She feels that it’s beginning to level off. Last week four of the infected patients had recovered enough to go home.

My daughter said that they announce a “Code Rocky” over the hospital intercom, and all staff members that can shake loose for a moment assemble in the lobby. The Rocky theme is played while the patient leaves the hospital, with up to 75 staff applauding them!

This pandemic has given me a new list of heroes that are keeping our nation going under great risk to themselves: health care workers, including EMT and ambulance staff; city employees, including city hall, fire and police; educators; grocery store and pharmacy workers; newspaper staff; restaurant workers; gas station employees; agricultural workers, and many more. Thank you!

Jim Marousis

Fort Atkinson

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