Winker for WI

Dear Editor,

I support Melissa Winker for Assembly District 38 because she is the candidate who is listening to our concerns. She is willing to work to solve the challenges of today, such as COVID spread, access to health care, gun safety, fair voting maps, clean water and protecting our precious natural resources.

Some Wisconsin Assembly candidates charge into their positions with only their own pre-conceived opinions. They are oblivious to needs and opinions of the majority of their constituents. This is not how representative democracy is supposed to work and it is why ending gerrymandering is so important. Unfortunately, our present representative, Barb Dittrich, does not support nonpartisan redistricting, a process that would end gerrymandering and create fair voting maps for Wisconsin.

I urge you to cast a vote for Melissa Winker on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Winker will set Wisconsin on the right track again.

Carl Glassford

Lake Mills

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