The Lake Mills Area School District has evacuated students from all schools after receiving a concerning phone call late this morning. All students and staff are safe.

Students are now being released from school and can only be picked up by a parent or guardian. Bus students will be taken home at the regular time. Supervision will be provided at the evacuation sites until all students have been reunited with their families.

"Elementary school students that are walkers will be released at the regular-school scheduled time. Middle school and high school walkers have been released," district officials said in an email to parents.

District Administrator Pam Striech told the Leader, “At 11:19 a.m. we got a very vague call that appeared to be a threat without a location, so we immediately called the police and we are working with them.”

“We evacuated the kids (from all schools) to our evacuation sites immediately,” she said, and the Lake Mills Police Department will now be checking all the district’s buildings for safety.

"All the kids are doing great," Streich said. "We are trying to get snacks to the kids because this happened right at lunch."

Lake Mills Police and Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputies could be seen at all the schools in the district including Lakeside Lutheran today. Police are currently searching the schools and properties or standing by at those locations.

"We have been advised by the Lake Mills Police Department to dismiss the elementary, middle, and high school students for the remainder of the day. Officers will use this time to assure the buildings are safe," the district said in a second email.

Parents were asked not to try to contact their students at school to help maintain the communication lines.

Afternoon four-year-old kindergarten classes were cancelled today.

It is not known who made the threat at this time. The district continues to work with police to clear the schools. All after school activities are cancelled. 

Locations of students were provided in an email and phone call to parents.

High school students and staff are not allowed to enter the parking lots to take their cars at this time.

"The District continues to work with local and regional authorities as we secure all buildings and parking lots. We will continue to update families as the situation concludes," officials said.

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