Fair maps a must

Dear Editor,

The times we live in are uncertain and terribly difficult for so many. We all know good people with good intentions are in both parties. Yet our representatives in government rarely find a way to work across the aisle for the greater good. This is in large part due to gerrymandering—the drawing of district maps that gives political advantage to a particular party. Candidates in gerrymandered districts are forced to take the extreme positions of their party and donors and are practically guaranteed re-election regardless of whether or not they responded to their constituents’ concerns.

Nonpartisan redistricting, favored by more than 70% of voters (Marquette Law School Poll, 2019) makes sense. It leaves the redrawing of districts up to independent commissions rather than the party in power. Fair maps are independent, nonpartisan district maps that ensure every vote matters. Fair maps is a smart and reasonable step toward healing the divide in our state and country and fair maps will save millions of tax dollars currently being spent to draw partisan maps and defend them in court battles.

To find out where the candidates on my ballot stand on fair maps, I contacted the two candidates for Assembly 38. Barb Dittrich, the incumbent, is against fair maps. Melissa Winker is a strong supporter of fair maps. I will vote for Winker because I want my vote and everyone else’s vote to matter.

To learn more about fair maps visit https://www.fairelectionsproject.org/fair-maps-wi/.

Anne Johnson


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