It’s hard to make everyone happy. It’s even harder in the newspaper business.

Here at the Leader we strive to cover our city and yes schools as equally as possible. Both schools.

We are lucky here in Lake Mills to have two excellent high schools, one public and one parochial, but both excellent in their own way.

No matter which high school your family has chosen to attend please believe we will cover that school’s activities and sports to the best of our ability.

We are a weekly paper with limited employees but believe us when we say we care about covering your school, Lakeside or Lake Mills.

We don’t play favorites.

If you notice your school has a little less coverage this week, please consider if they played a home or away game or if there was another big game close by our reporters could have been covering. Our sports editor here is responsible for more than just Lake Mills and Lakeside sports she also covers the teams in Cambridge and Deerfield, and she does it with fairness and accuracy.

It’s also important to note the number of pages in your paper is dependent on advertising. As much as we hate to admit it newspapers are a business too and we have to be able to keep the lights on. We count on local advertising to bring you the news content and sports you are looking for.

We do our best here at the Leader to work together to cover the teams from your school, but if we don’t make it to your big game please feel free to email us a picture or two you snapped, and we will always include your scores in the weekly roundup.

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