Winker is his candidate

Dear Editor,

One of this country’s greatest resources is it’s hope. We can no longer take that hope for granted. Our government must feed that hope and work diligently to provide each of us the freedom to pursue our life goals. To do this, we need a government that: ensures the wealthy and powerful don’t abuse their role to obtain more wealth and power; educates all of its people at a very high level; ensures all neighborhoods are safe; ensures everyone can access health care without worry; supports a version of capitalism that does not allow workers and our environment to be taken advantage of; invests in our agriculture; protects us all from external threats and acknowledges the humanity in all of its citizens.

We need leaders that: are willing to acknowledge big problems exist in this state; have the courage and capacity to then fix them; respect the capability of our government and are willing to work with discipline, hope, and cooperation to move this state forward

Melissa Winker is this leader and she is my candidate for District 38.

Ryan Grady

Lake Mills

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