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For those experiencing a traumatic, life-threatening event in Lake Mills there is now one more level of care just a phone call away.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services approved upgrading the service level of the Lake Mills Fire Department Tuesday, April 13.

“We went from a non-transporting emergency responder to a non-transporting emergency medical technician basic, which we hope will give us the ability to provide a higher level of patient care,” said Todd Yandre, Lake Mills Fire Chief.

Their main purpose in the service level upgrade was to provide a better, more comprehensive service to the community. The fire service can now provide care when they are first on the scene.

“It’s to enhance the service of the community, while working with the Lake Mills EMS,” Yandre emphasized. “Depending on the situation if their primary rig is out and we are available to go we can provide that higher level of care.”

The process of submitting the paperwork for the upgraded service level started over a year ago.

“Captain Bentheimer started the paperwork five days before he passed away, he turned it over to me,” he said. “Capt. Theder and I had to make some changes but then we submitted everything to the Department of Health Services.”

“It expands what emergent services they can provide during the initial response,” said Dr. Eric Snell, EMS Medical Director at Fort HealthCare.

Care includes breathing treatments and low blood sugar among others.

“It enables us to provide more patient care to medical emergencies that in the past we wouldn’t have been able to provide,” Yandre said.

The department now has 23 medically trained members, with several members finishing up their training this semester.

“It’s a culmination of an effort of a lot of individuals,” said Capt. Joel Theder. He mentioned Snell and their former medical director.

“It’s a big step for us as a department,” Yandre said.

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