A trip to Farm Technology Days this summer resulted in a pedal tractor pulling win for Ava Beeney in July and now the six-year-old who won the state pedal tractor pulling contest recently is headed to the national competition in South Dakota at the Corn Palace.

Beeney’s mother Christi volunteered at the food tent at Farm Technology Days and for something to do with their dad Mark, Ava and her siblings Isabella and Mark Jr. participated in the contest. Ava ended up winning with a full pull.

“That was one of the events they had for the kids,” Christi said. “It went by age and whoever pulled the furthest won.”

At the state competition in Menomonie the contest was separated by age and gender and out of 12 Ava tied for first place and won the tie breaker with a 180-pound pull.

“She got another full pull,” Christi said.

“The other girl got tired,” Ava commented. “I was excited,” she said about being at the competition.

The National Competition will take place Sept. 21 on Ava’s birthday which will bump her into the next age bracket. The family will be traveling to South Dakota this week and plans to check out the sights while they are out west.

Ava is the daughter of Mark and Christi Beeney and a first grader at Lake Mills Elementary School.

“They do this from ages 4-12,” Christi said. “The state competition was a lot bigger than we were expecting.”

Ava says she is most excited about going to the hotel while on the trip.

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