Cambridge’s Dale Nottestad (51) battles Jefferson’s Luke Westenberg (16) during a Late Model feature race on Aug. 10, 2019 at Jefferson Speedway.

JEFFERSON — One week after announcing its season would be on hold, Jefferson Speedway released its revised schedule for the 2020 season with plans to begin the season at the end of the month.

According to the Speedway’s website: We’ve updated the schedule to get started with rookie orientation and practice on May 21 and inspection days on May 23 and 24. Practice and inspection days are split by division, so please check out the schedule.

The 2020 season opener will be on Saturday, May 30, kicking off the 69th season at Wisconsin’s Action Track.

As the season progresses the Speedway may still need to adapt the schedule, based on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, or to address the divisional events missed in May.

The plan is to hit the ground running, with all the necessary precautions for everyone to enjoy another great season at Jefferson Speedway.


May 21 – Rookie Practice (pits open at 4 p.m.)

May 23 – Practice and Inspection Day (LM-SP-LG-BO)

May 24 – Practice and Inspection Day (HS-INT-RW-BT)

May 30 – Season Opener (LM-SP-HS-INT-RW-BT)

June 6 – Full Racing Program (LM-SP-HS-INT-LG-BO)

June 13 – Full Racing Program (LM-HS-RW-BT-BO)

June 20 – Full Racing Program (LM-SP-RW-LG-BO)

June 27 – Kids Night (LM-SP-HS-INT-RW-BT-BO)

July 3 – Friday Night Special (LM-SP-HS-INT-RW-BT) + Fireworks

July 4 – Tournament of Destruction — Round 1 + Fireworks

July 11 – Full Racing Program (LM-SP-HS-INT-RW-BT)

July 18 – Tundra Super Lates (BT-LG-BO)

July 25 – Full Racing Program (LM-SP-HS-INT-BT)

Aug. 1 – Tournament of Destruction — Round 2 + Fireworks

Aug. 8 – Full Racing Program (LM-SP-HS-INT-RW)

Aug. 15 – Full Racing Program (LM-HS-INT-LG-TRKS)

Aug. 22 – Full Racing Program (LM-SP-HS-RW-BT-BO)

Aug. 29 – Full Racing Program (LM-SP-INT-BT-LG-BO)

Sept. 5 – Legends & Bandolero Championships (LM-SP-HS-RW-LG-BO)

Sept. 6 – Tournament of Destruction — Round 3 + Fireworks

Sept. 12 – Season Championship (LM-SP-HS-INT-RW-BT)

Sept. 17-18-19 – Wisconsin State Championships (LM-SP-HS-INT-RW-BT-LG-BO-TRKS)

Key: LM=Late Model; SP=Sportsman; INT=International; HS=Hobby Stock; RW=Road Warrior; BT=Bandit; BO=Bandolero; LG=Legend; VIN=Vintage; TRKS=Trucks

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