If you’re reading this editorial after having the printed newspaper delivered to your door, there’s a pretty strong chance that someone from the U.S. Postal Service delivered it to your mailbox.

If their still in your neighborhood, open the window and shout out a big thank you!

For decades, we have heard the famous line inscribed at a post office in New York City: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Have you noticed there is no mention of coronavirus in that tribute to postal workers? Yet, despite all those concerns, when we are staying Safer at Home, they are daring to go door to door to deliver our mail and packages.

We have all read countless articles praising the work of first responders, police officers, health-care workers, store clerks and so many others who are on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19 (and to them we also want to say “amen” and one more “thank you”).

But this is a tribute to postal workers, who, like their brethren for other organizations who are also making home deliveries, are bravely going door to door, making their appointed rounds. They are bringing us what we need and doing it so we can all stay a little safer.

We all get so wrapped up in our Zoom meetings, email, social media and the like that we can sometimes forget the first foot soldiers in the communication business, the postal carriers (and the people who toil anonymously in the background behind them) who make deliveries six days a week to our homes.

The Postal Service is in serious financial trouble and by September might run out of funds if Congress does not act to find additional funding. It’s just one more dark cloud these men and women labor under as they go about their appointed rounds.

So the next time your Watertown Daily Times arrives — or even if is something less welcome like a bill that is a little too big or some junk mail you never asked for — pause for a moment to craft a letter. Give your postal carrier a thank you, a little note to tell him or her how thankful you are that they are there.

In a world awash in resentment, second guessing and a me-first mentality, you might be surprised at how much joy you get by penning a message of simple kindness. It’s a lost art that we all need to discover.

Start with your postal carrier. After that, buy a stamp and write another letter or two to thank any number of other people in the community who do so many good things that you, and just about everyone else, takes for granted. (Realizing that by buying a stamp, you are also again helping your postal carrier, too.)

The weight of all this additional anxiety caused by the times we are in has tendency to make all of succumb to despair. It takes so little to raise the spirit of your fellow man and women.

So start today. And let the thank yous continue forward, even, yes, even beyond the fateful day the stay-at-home orders are lifted and we can all return to normal. Let’s make this the new normal: showing kindness and gratitude. We could all feel better by trying to lift the spirits of those who surround us.

— Watertown Daily Times

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